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Less small talk, more genuine conversations

Vertellis is where connections grow

and conversations begin

Less small talk, more genuine conversations

Vertellis is where connections grow

and conversations begin

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What Drives Us

We're striving to make a worldwide impact on the way people connect in our digital society.

Spend Quality Time Offline
with Friends & Family

So often, the people closest to us surprise us the most with the things they do or think. At the same time, we often take them for granted because "they're right there." Taking the time to ask questions and have playful, honest conversations can help you connect in a way you didn't know was possible!

Personal Growth and Fulfillment

We spend countless hours getting to know other people, but how well do we truly know ourselves? What's more, how can we serve the world to the best of our abilities without a solid foundation of our beliefs, values, and goals? Do you know what motivates you? How 'bout what makes you happy? Let's answer these questions together!

Vertellis for Business

At Vertellis, we do work a little differently. We believe that sincere communication, honest feedback, personal growth, and taking ownership are essential values for successful companies. We personally run our business this way and are excited to share our expertise with companies around the world.

Education and Kids

Kids these days spends countless hours in school learning about all the external things that are deemed essential for a successful life - but what do they learn about themselves? How do they know what makes them happy, what motivates them, and how they overcome setbacks? With the help of schools, these are the questions that Vertellis is bringing into the education system to help kids learn about personal emotional development.

Team Vertellis

Vertellis was founded by three Dutch friends: Bart, Liz, and Lars. Willem, a fellow Dutchman living in the US, later joined the group to help bring Vertellis to the States. Today, Vertellis has team members spread across the globe, all working toward the mission of changing how people connect in our fast-paced, technology-driven world. Comprised of a bunch of talented, digital nomads, you can find members of Team Vertellis working remotely in Germany, France, Sweden, the US and beyond!

Our Products

Developed & designed in the Netherlands. All products are responsibly sourced and easy to take along!