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25 questions for your partner

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25 questions for your partner

At Vertellis, we know the power of asking the right questions. A genuine interest in your partner's life is key to a happy relationship. In this blog post, we are sharing 25 questions that you can start playing with (by the way, our Vertellis Relationship Edition game has even more playful and fun questions, perfect for Valentine's Day!).

If you want to make your partner happy, give them your time and attention. After all, we are more likely to remember how we felt rather than what we got when it comes to gifts. Fun, loving, memorable experiences with our loved ones are worth more than a pair of jeans or some jewelry that we forget about in a year or two. Ask yourself this: what was the sweetest, most memorable gift you have ever received? What comes to mind?

We, at Vertellis, are big fans of genuine conversations, the kind of conversations that help you get to know your loved ones better. It doesn’t matter whether you have just started dating or have been a couple for many years. There's always something new to know about your partner. The main goal here is to build the foundation for a stronger relationship and that's precisely what you can do with the Relationship Edition game. 

Liz, one of the founders of Vertellis, has also written a blog post in which she discusses the importance of having regular, honest conversations with your partner asking questions such as “How strong and healthy is our partnership?"

Here is our list of 25 questions that you can ask your partner

1)    In what situations do you feel that I love you?

2)    What do I mean to you?

3)    What's your favorite place to be with me?

4)    Are you getting enough compliments from me?

5)    How do you feel when we're not together?

6)    With what and how can I support you?

7)    Are you satisfied with your life as it is now?

8)    How do I enrich your life?

9)    Do you think we spend too much time together? Or not enough?

10) When do you feel truly alive?

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11) What do you enjoy doing with me the most?

12) When do we work best as a team? 

13) Is there a question you want to ask me but didn’t because you are afraid of the answer?

14) If you could describe our relationship in one word - what would it be?

15) In what situations do you feel unloved?

16) What does love mean to you?

17) Am I touching you enough?

18) What makes you really happy about our relationship right now?

19) How do you feel we’re different?

20) What difference between you and me drives you crazy?

21) Is there something you lack in our relationship?

22) Should our relationship end now - what would you miss the most?

23) What do you think makes our relationship unique?

24) Why did you fall in love with me?

25) What does "home" mean to you?

How do you like our 25 questions for your partner? Are there any that you’d add to this list? If you want more fun and playful questions then get our Vertellis Relationship Edition

This game is the #1 card game for couples who really want to spend their time together more consciously. This game helps you and your partner create beautiful memories, dream about the future together, and make plans to make those dreams come true. All in a fun and playful way! The Relationship Edition is ideal for Valentine's Day in particular - you can even take it with you and play over a nice dinner. Click here for more information about the game. 

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We wish you a beautiful day, filled with memorable experiences and genuine conversations! 💝